Ethernet switches in action

Westermo has supplied the robust managed switch, Lynx, as part of the ABB electrotechnical solution for the world fleet. The solutions are based on ABB’s industry-leading technology within the electric power, drives and automation sectors. For decades, these have been proven to meet the high demands of marine and offshore applications.

The Lynx has a robust compact metal housing and is manufactured using only the best components, giving these units a high MTBF figure and tolerance to shock, vibration and electrical interference. Our unique FRNT (Fast Recovery of Network Topology)
technology is the fastest protocol on the market to re-configure a large network in the event of any link or hardware failure, making the Lynx invaluable in mission critical applications. The switches also support QoS (Quality of Service) with four priority queues and strict priority scheduling, as well as HoL (Head of Line Blocking Prevention) helping to ensure that the data network is deterministic.

The Westermo switches are used to create a resilient Ethernet solution based on a fibre optic ring onboard the ship. The network allows there to be centralised control for the electric power and variable speed propulsion systems on liquefied natural gas vessels, floating production storage vessels and even motor torpedo boats.


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