Gässlösa water and waste water monitoring system

The water and waste water department (VA-verken) in the city of Borås is responsible for more than 200 waste water and drinking water installations, providing water services for the whole city. These installation consist of  waste water and water treatment plants, pumping stations and booster stations.

Many of these plants and stations can be remotely monitored and supervised. Telephone modems and short-haul modems has been the technology to provide for the connectivity. In recent years modems have been replaced with a more flexible and reliable solution using the Ethernet Extender DDW-220.

gasslosa_facility“We have successfully used Westermo products in previous communication solutions with different modems. When we decided to modernise our system we contacted Westermo once again” says Jan Cullberg, computer engineer at VA-verken.
The old system communicated over a legacy city network, and by making use of pre-existing cabling, they have been able to keep the cost down.

If  serial data communication is to be replaced by Ethernet one has to put in new cabling, either Cat5 or fibre cable. However, using the Westermo SHDSL concept, the DDW units will convert Ethernet so it can be run on any kind of existing cable. SHDSL (Symmetrical High Bit-rate Digital Subscriber Loop) is based on the same technique as an ADSL connection to the Internet.
A single, twisted pair can be used on distances up to 14 km between two DDW-100 at a speed of 2.3 Mbit/s. Choosing the DDW-22x series gives 5.7 Mbit/s on a multi-drop setup. The DDW-22x also contains a switch with 4 Ethernet ports making the hook up of several units easy

The new system has resulted in increased availability on many levels and in contrast to previously used devices, the Wolverine series has several advantages. The DDW-220 is not only faster and more reliable, it also makes it possible to remotely configure for example a PCL. Another advantage was the possibility to use legacy equipment together with the DDW-220.
“To obtain a secure and reliable information flow from the different reading instrument in our system, it was an absolute necessity to find a faster communications solution. We are happy how this worked out and there are several other interesting solutions that have been made possible using an Ethernet solution.” says Jan Cullberg.


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